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Top 6 Breast Mask For Breast Enhancement

Every woman would want to bust a tight until whenever. However, the age factor makes the breasts sagging, drooping, and wrinkled skin also tends to be. Well, breast mask recipes below can hopefully help you gain a more subtle breasts and firmer naturally.

What can be used as a mask breast? 

1. Sour cream mask:

This is very effective for breast augmentation and also nourishes the skin in the upper chest.Mix 100 grams of fresh high-fat sour cream with one egg yolk. Add half a spoon of lemon juice to it.Now apply this mixture evenly on the chest. Leave it for half an hour and after that wash with the warm water.

2. Fennel Oil Mask:

Add three spoons of fennel seeds to cod liver oil. Heat the mixture and wait till the fennel seeds are red. Now filter it and allow it to cool. Use this oil to massage the breasts. Leave it for half an hour.

3. Masks Yogurt and Eggs:

This is very simple and can be used for the treatment of breast all ages and all types (ie, large, small, tight, loose, everyone can wear this mask recipe). Due to the natural material, you can do at any time without any side effects.

Mix all ingredients in a bowl. Spread evenly on the skin of the breast. If you are going to do the activity, wear a bra without the foam that had you not use everyday (provided only special when you're mask). If it does not move you can relax while sleeping. Allow the mask 20 to 25 minutes.

for applying this mask, do not forget while massaging the breast to get the best results because the essence of mask material can be entered through the pores of the skin of the breast. Finally, clean the mask with warm water. Wipe with a soft towel to dry, so that your breasts become fresh.

4. Apple mask:

Apple mask can enhance your breast skin. Apples were used as a mask serves as a refresher or toner. The content of antioxidants in apple can inhibit the emergence of high frown lines, reduce acne, and brighten the skin. Therefore, many beauty products like toner that contains extracts of apple products.

First, the apples in small pieces. Enter in pan filled 1 liter of fresh milk. Boil until it becomes a thick paste. Turn off heat, Chill, Once cool, apply the mask pasta apples in the breast with a massage. Let stand for 15 minutes. Rinse with warm water, then with cold water. Wipe with a soft towel to dry, and payudarapun will have skin firmer and brighter glow.

function itself is toner to tighten pores, removes traces of cleanser / soap and the rest of the skin pH balance. According to the study, vitamin C, E, A, K, B complex and niacen zinc and iron are also very important to make the skin healthy. And it all (except the vitamin B complex) contained in apples.

5. Herbal Salve:

If you don't like the flavor of fenugreek, you can always rub it in, says Duke, who notes that breast tissue can absorb "a certain amount" of plant chemicals. He recommends grinding fenugreek shoots and seeds in a blender and adding vegetable oil to make a paste. You can also make a paste from wild yams, which contain precursors to diosgenin. Peel off the outer bark, and mash the inner root to a pulp in a blender, suggests Duke. Massage the salve into your breasts daily. As with the tea, the ingredients in the herbal salve may interfere with medications you take, so consult your doctor before using it.

6. Breast enhancing hand (own hands) massage:

Massaging is a great way to increase the breast size. What you have to do is take out time twice a day, when you are alone and relaxed completely. Take a hot water bath and start massaging your breasts first clockwise, and then anti-clockwise. The massage should be gentle, without touching the nipples, which by now would be overly sensitive. Continue with the massage for 20-30 minutes every day and you will see a drastic change within about 40 days.

Avoid These Triggers:

In addition to following these home remedies religiously, there are certain potential triggers you need to avoid in order to prevent saggy breasts. These include:

Wrong Sized Bras:

A wrong sized bra can make your breasts sag in no time at all. Not wearing a bra would not help as well. Your best option would be to opt for bras with special support holders or pads at the bottom of the cup. These would keep your breasts in place and prevent sagging.


Always combine dieting with exercise as this is the only way to reduce weight while keeping your skin firm (including your breast skin). Improper weights can also cause your breasts to sag. Drastic weight loss in a short span of time would definitely cause your breasts to lose their fullness and sag.