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Home Remedies to heal Dry, Chapped lips

A common problem faced by most people during the winter months is chapped lips. Damage by sun, wind and dryness can make the surface of the lips dry out more than the other parts of the body. The thin layer of skin on the lips means that moisture loss will be at least 10 times more on the lips than anywhere else. The delicate area gets affected by the cold and dryness and develops cracks and splits that can be painful physically and aesthetically.

Common mistakes

Avoid these common mistakes that tend to aggravate the condition further.

Licking lips: It is a natural instinct to wet the lips by licking them whenever they feel dry. While wetting them with your saliva can give temporary relief, it only dries up the lips more as the saliva evaporates. The enzymes present in saliva can also be irritating to the skin where there are already enough cracks.

Biting off dead skin: Many people have the habit of biting off, peeling or scrubbing the flaky skin. The skin on lips is very thin, delicate and sensitive. Thanks to the chapping, it is already in a fragile condition. biting will cause more harm like discomfort or bleeding which will further irritate the skin and slow down its healing.

Home remedies that work

There are several ways in which you can easily treat chapped lips. While there is the possibility of availing OTC ointments, you can also find several magical ingredients at home that will be safe and effective.

Oils and lubricants: A safe and effective way to keep lips moisturised and hydrated is by applying natural oils several times during the day or even keeping it on overnight. The commonly available coconut, mustard or olive oil or even the traditional petroleum jelly is effective in managing chapped lips.

Aloe vera: It is said to have healing properties, despite its unpleasant taste or odour. According to skin cancer foundations (any specific one? or any research), aloe vera provides effective protection against UV rays. It also has antimicrobial properties so the healing process can be faster as well. Simply cut the leaf to extract the pulp, juice it and apply on the lips.

Honey: While everyone is aware of the moisturising properties of honey, it seems reasonable to use it as anointment for getting rid of dryness. . Make a paste with glycerine and honey and leave it on your lips overnight. You could also choose the stickier but effective solution of applying honey to your lips several times in the span of the day.

Sugar: Exfoliating with sugar will remove the layer of dead skin cells from the lips and allow the healing process to accelerate. You could mix it with honey and layer on the lips for a few minutes before gently scrubbing it off.

Rose: It has been used by people wanting to make their lips pinker as well as softer as it moisturises the lips and enhances the colour. Soak a few rose petals in milk and mash into a thick paste. It is a good idea to apply this paste to the lips several times during the day and to put it on as an overnight lip mask as well.

Milk cream: A natural moisturiser would be milk cream that contains all the fats required to make a good moisturiser. Apply it to the lips for a few minutes before washing it off with lukewarm water.
Cucumber: The high water content of cucumber makes it a good remedy for hydrating dry lips. Apply the juice of cucumber to the lips several times during the day to keep them feeling nourished and hydrated.

Prevention is better than cure

Keeping yourself hydrated throughout the day is a great way to ensuring that your lips are drier less often. Since dehydration could be one of the plausible causes, drink a glass of water on waking up and another before sleeping apart from increasing your water intake during the day.