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Hand Mudra For Stress Relief

Aakash Mudra / Vyom Mudra

How & When: Join the tip of the middle finger with the tip of the thumb, keeping the rest of the three fingers straight. One may perform this Mudra anytime of the day for any duration. The best time for practicing this Mudra is either morning time by sitting in Sukhasan or Padmasan. One must try to keep this Mudra intact for 45 minutes, though one may start with a shorter time period as per convenience and capacity.


a) As the name suggests this Mudra is a combination of ether element with the sun and thus come the powers to any ailment pertaining to sound. It is excellent to increase the sensitivity to hear sounds. Thus for those hard of hearing it is a boon in combination with Shoonya Mudra.

b) This Mudra activates the calcium and phosphorus absorption form the diet and also their formation, which makes it a very good Mudra which those having weakness of bone like osteoporosis.

c) Due to its inherent quality to release tensions, keeping the mind calm and serene it is also used during meditation, to calm the mind.

d) This Mudra is very successful in taking care of the “lockjaw” experienced at times during yawning or during mental tension or over exertion.

e) Practicing this Mudra regularly calms and clarifies the thought process.