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Precautions To Be Taken For Dark Lips

1. Drink limited coffee

Sometimes due to high amount of caffeine intake in your body, people can also get dark lips and pigmentation over the skin. Thus, you need to consume less source of caffeine. If you have been drinking coffee 7-8 times in a day, limit it to 2-3 times. This will help reducing darkness and pigmentation over the lips.

2. Checking lipstick

Sometimes lipsticks can also be one of the reasons for getting dark lips with pigmentation. People have the habit of using lipstick of low quality that costs less. Even if you are using lipstick for a long time or say throughout the day, there will be a chance that your lips get pigmented. If you really have the habit of getting lipstick on your lips on a regular basis, choose a reputed brand of lipstick.

3. No sucking of lips

Some people also have a habit of sucking or licking lips. But, if you want the advice from dermatologists, he will always ask you not to lick your lips. Excessive sucking of tips can give rise to dryness and turning it to black color. Your lips will also get damaged with excessive sucking of lips.

4. No smoking

It has been proved that women who are smoking for a long time can easily develop pigmented lips. Blackish tinge of lips will actually look odd especially when you are going to meet friends and people within your social circle. Other than damage to lips, smoking can also lead to cancer. Thus, it’s better to eradicate smoking habit as soon as possible.

5. Less exposure to sunlight

Apart from vitamin D supply, sunlight also has many harmful rays that can damage your skin ideally. You can get your skin and lips tanned with the help of excessive sunlight exposure. If your skin is exposed to sun for a long time, I will ideally give rise to excessive melanin production. Your skin along with lips will get tanned equally. Thus, people must get some protection before going for the sun exposure. You can use sun protection factor to protect your lips and skin from sunlight.

6. Lips hydration

It is also important to keep your lips hydrated all the time. For this, intake of water is an important factor. Have at least 3-4 liters of water every day to stay hydrated. Sometimes, due to excessive dryness over the lips, people can suffer from variety of skin problems. Thus, proper hydration of lips with drinking water will be important.

If you don’t like drinking water in gallons, you can replace it with some juice fruits. Orange, apples and other citrus fruits are also very beneficial to keep yourself hydrated all the time. Also the fruits like cucumber, water melon, grapefruit as well as oranges will help you keep hydrated all the time. This can also make you stay away from darkening of lips as well as cracks.

Developing dryness of your skin should be stopped as this can naturally lead to darkening of skin. You can use, cocoa butter, bee wax or else simple coconut oil to help making your skin stay moist all the time. Simple lip balm from the market can also be used in this connection.