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What Are The Causes Of Anxiety Stress Depression In Women

Depression in late life is a recognized public health problem. Depression can increase the risk of medical illnesses, worsen the outcome of other medical illnesses, and even increase mortality

There is no single cause of depression. The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force recommends screening for depression for everyone, regardless of their risk factors. But certain things can raise a woman's risk for depression:
  • Genetics (family history) – If a woman has a family history of depression, she may be more at risk of developing it herself. However, depression may also occur in women who don't have a family history of depression.
  •  Chemical imbalance – The brains of people with depression look different than those who don't have depression. Also, the parts of the brain that manage your mood, thoughts, sleep, appetite, and behavior don't have the right balance of chemicals.
  •  Hormonal factors – Menstrual cycle changes, pregnancy, miscarriage, postpartum period, perimenopause, and menopause may all cause a woman to develop depression.
  •  Stress – Stressful life events such as trauma, loss of a loved one, a bad relationship, work responsibilities, caring for children and aging parents, abuse, and poverty may trigger depression in some people.
  •  Medical illness – Dealing with serious medical illnesses like stroke, heart attack, or cancer can lead to depression.